I am the creative director of an interactive storybook app company that I started with some friends about four years ago. The production of these kid’s apps brings together all the skills that I’ve worked for years to develop as a writer, animator, illustrator and art director. By the nature of the medium these projects weirdly fulfill both of my dreams of working in children’s literature and animation simultaneously.

I’ve been drawing my whole life. I started writing when my friends and I began performing sketch comedy in high school and continued for six years through college. I went to art and then film school to study classical hand drawn animation and graduated within months of most major studios announcing that they would no longer be making traditionally animated films as everything went digital. I taught myself computer animation at a visual effects studio in Toronto and things turned out well enough that I was there for seven years working in the animation department on commercials before leaving to start what I am currently doing.

Obviously I love creating kid’s content but at the end of the day it’s storytelling in all forms that I care most about. Whether it’s film, a kid’s book or a single image I believe in the power of story and love to tell them in any way I can, especially in collaboration with talented people who also have something to say.

To get in touch with me for any reason at all you can reach me here…