For seven years I was an animator/director at a boutique visual effects studio in Toronto. Most of my work was character animation for commercials which meant short schedules and new creative challenges every few weeks. Along with the animation, I constantly worked on pitches, character designs and storyboards. I directed freelancers, worked with developers and when it was required, went on set as the visual effects supervisor. In most cases I managed the project and working with a producer dealt directly with the agency and client to deliver the final animation.

Animation and Art Direction

For this series of commercials I was the animation director for the knights and ballerina spots. I animated the knights and the juggler. I directed a freelancer on the ballerina animation. I designed all of the characters in all three spots and modeled the knights and horses while art directing the development of the juggler and the ballerina.


For most of these longer, more involved commercials, I was one of two or three animators working in collaboration on a team. For shorter spots that had fewer scenes, which was usually the case, I would oversee the entire animation side of the production.

On Set VFX Supervision

For these three spots, as well as several other Hamburger Helper commercials, I was the on set VFX supervisor working with the assistant director and props department on location. I also animated these clips and modeled the Hamburger Helper hand used in all of the commercials that we worked on in which he appeared.